Who is Master Zolemgeh Estrella?

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Creator, owner, and director of the Zolemgeh Estrella Formation and       the Integral Holistic Centers of The Creator (CHIEC), worldwide.

Master Zolemgeh began her spiritual path alongside her professional career.


She has channeled messages from the Master Jesus, Mother Mary, and the Archangel Raphael from the age of two. She has studied Metaphysics since she was 13 years old and has received important information for the evolution of herself and the planet, since then.

She was prepared by these Great Teachers and by Lord Melchizedek in Individual, Group and Planetary Healings, which she has been doing since she was 4 years old.

During these preparations, Master Zolemgeh channeled the powerful KRYSTAL Reiki Therapies, the Integral Holistic Therapies TEC and LSR (Akashic Archives and DNA), Cosmic Healings, Cristic Healings, Rainbow Light Warriors, and Melchizedek Healings.


At the present moment, she continues to bring these preparations to anyone who wishes to be consecrated in these Powerful Sacred Methodologies, to help themselves, their family, the environment, country, continent and the planet; to later become an ANGELICAL LIFE COACH or ZOLY MASTER, who will be the Yogis of the New Era.


She is the creator, owner, and director of the Zolemgeh Estrella Formation and the Integral Holistic Centers of The Creator (CHIEC), worldwide.



  • Degree in Business Administration

  • International Facialist

  • International Reiki Usui Master and Golden Reiki

  • Creator (channeling) of the KRYSTAL Reiki and the Healings: Cosmic, Cristic, Rainbow Warriors, and Melchizedek

  • Creator and channeler of Integral Holistic Therapies with the Creator (TEC)

  • Creator and channeler of Holistic LSR Therapies (Cleaning, Healing and Reprogramming of Akashic Archives and DNA)

  • Teacher/Trainer of Zoly Masters and Priests of Melchizedek worldwide

  • Creator and Teacher of the ANGELICAL LIFE COACH Training

  • Writer of 11 books and CDs of Meditations